Tyler County Speedway

Category: Car racing track

Address: 1 Boreman School Rd, Middlebourne, WV 26149, USA

Phone: +13047582660


Homeles Midgets

Aug 26, 2021

Tyler County Speedway is a great race track!! Our car placed 5th last week and 7th this week!! Check us out on Facebook @ Derek Rogers #28!!!

Danielle Keyser

Jun 27, 2021

Love this place!! Love the excitement the roaring of the engines. Love watching the kids reactions to it. Definitely need to check it out.

Robert Loren

Sep 25, 2021

It was amazing. I was there for the Hillbilly Hundred, the last race of the season. It for rained out. They are going to reschedule in the spring. The smaller cars and qualifying was great the two nights before. See you in the spring. Wish I would have took photos. My bad.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a race to tonight

Brian Wilson | Nov 23, 2020
Anna Binegar | Nov 24, 2020


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Are u allowed to have backpacks

Steve Foy | Nov 24, 2019
Kris Keller | Nov 25, 2019


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What do you have going on this weekend coming up

Brian Lally | Sep 24, 2021
Brian Long | Sep 25, 2021

Nothing this weekend. Harvest Fest is next weekend.

Is there a race tonite July 18th 2021

Bonnie Atchison | Jul 26, 2021
tanner rugg | Jul 27, 2021


Is the races free tonight

Barbara Murphy | Jun 26, 2021
Robert Edmondson | Jun 27, 2021

Yes... its free entry into the general stands

Are they having races tonight

Jim Byers | Nov 23, 2020
Angie Thalheim | Nov 24, 2020

No they are not

Is the cell phone service at this race track?

Gregory Kost | Nov 23, 2020
Dave Heater | Nov 24, 2020


Did any one turn in a silver Victoria Secret bag after the races on 9/1.

Vicky Counts | Nov 24, 2019
Crys Skinner | Nov 25, 2019

Sorry. I wasn't there for any races. I would call the track.

What might is ATV racing in Tyler co fair wv

Buster Leek | Nov 24, 2019
Rick James | Nov 25, 2019

Thursday I'm pretty sure.

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Where can a person buy hillbilly 100 apperal

Kim Duckworth | Nov 24, 2019
Wendy Brozak | Nov 25, 2019

At the track or online

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are there any races tonight

nate the awesome youtuber | Nov 24, 2018
Ronald McCrobie | Nov 25, 2018

No...season is over

Can u take coolers and beer in

Belinda Cook | Nov 24, 2018
Belinda Cook | Nov 25, 2018


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