North Bend State Park Lake

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Address: West Virginia, USA


Stephie Carpenter

Nov 23, 2020

Very nice place to get back to nature and walk around or take a bike ride.

Bella Carl

Nov 23, 2020

10 hp lake nice and quiet alot of trees and branches sticking up or just under the water be careful with the boat but it was an enjoyable day on the water

Rosebud S

Nov 24, 2019

Great place to see and enjoy with family and friends.

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Questions & Answers

Do you have canoeing or kayaking at N.Bend?

Mike Willis | Nov 23, 2019
Trinity Regard | Nov 24, 2019

Yes,and you can rent them. Very nice area for this activity.

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Pet friendly campsite? Trees or open campsites?

Roxanne Devine | Nov 23, 2019
Chris Ladeaux | Nov 24, 2019

Both yes

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Do the primitive sites have firepits with grills?

David Dudley | Nov 23, 2019
Chris Ladeaux | Nov 24, 2019


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Are there showers and bathrooms close to the campsites? I'm disabled and can't walk far. Plus is there electric offered for tenters?

Nichole Allan | Nov 23, 2018
Kevin | Nov 24, 2018

Showers (yes). Blacktop camp roads and wheel chair access (yes). There are electric and primitive sites

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We have a trailer that 2 are in. Can my son and wife pitch a tent on my site?

Beverly Rinard | Nov 23, 2018
brenda carter-davis | Nov 24, 2018


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Are the folks you call to inquire bout the camp ground all richards!!!!

John Shuck | May 26, 2021
Isaiah Van Natta | May 27, 2021

Very nice campgrounds North fork.river run and its near the rail trail and corky is near the lake

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Can you keep the fish you catch.

Richard | Apr 26, 2021
Isaiah Van Natta | Apr 27, 2021

Yes but very limited

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Is your restaurant open

Loretta Vogt | Mar 27, 2021
Paula Smith | Mar 28, 2021

The restaurant is closed and going through remodel right now

Are there any places to swim if you camp in a campground

Stephanie Phillips | Nov 22, 2020
Victoria Miller (Heartzflame) | Nov 23, 2020

the pool is open to campers. I believe it was $10.00 per person. you can also swim in the lake.

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Does the park have bbq grills that can be used when visiting for the day

carla wood | Nov 22, 2020
Joanna Marlow | Nov 23, 2020

They have one big big one Riverbend campground has a big one under the pavilion over by the basketball courts

Do u rent bicycles

Gregg Newman | Nov 23, 2019
Trinity Regard | Nov 24, 2019

Yes, and the trails are great.

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do you have pet friendly rooms

John Louden | Nov 23, 2019
Steve | Nov 24, 2019

I think so. The couple in the cabin a few down from us had two dogs.

Hook up for camper electric sewage

Judith Hart | Nov 23, 2019
Loudonna Watkins | Nov 24, 2019

Yes there is a place for hook up for campers

Does the lodges have showers in them

Jamie Mills | Nov 23, 2019
Alexis Duckie | Nov 24, 2019

Yes they do

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2hat is north been pool hours

Brody Osborne | Nov 23, 2019
Chris Artrip | Nov 24, 2019

7am to 8pm

Is camping allowed along the rail trail?

Angie Clark | Nov 23, 2019
Angie Clark | Nov 24, 2019

Thank you, we're going to ride the rail trail for the first time, I'm very excited.

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Hi! I am wondering if anyone knows if I can hook my laptop to the TV’s in the hotel rooms? I have a HDMI Cable, but not sure if the TV’s are compatible? Anyone? Thanks!

Emmie Jones | Nov 23, 2019
Evan Wright | Nov 24, 2019

We have always been able to hook up a DVD player. So I would say yes.

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Is the only way to get to the pool up that long hilled stairway? And if so... Any future plans to make it, more user friendly? Or add an indoor pool?

Linda Sue | Nov 23, 2019
Jessica McCumbers | Nov 24, 2019

There is an access road for people who need it. But, if not you have to walk the stairs. Unfortunately

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Can you pan for gold at north bend state park.

Zachary Mccloy | Nov 23, 2019
Linda Sue | Nov 24, 2019

Don't know of any real gold... But you could always try Nice place to view wildlife, fish, relax a bit.

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How much are cabins

Tammy Boggs | Nov 23, 2019
Joesph Harris | Nov 24, 2019

Depends on the season

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How much does it cost to camp?

Jodi Snider | Nov 23, 2019
Judith Hart | Nov 24, 2019

For a camper electric hook up

Is there WIFI service in the park?

James Lawson | Nov 23, 2018
Michael Weaks | Nov 24, 2018

At the lodge

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What time is checki and check out?

Sandra McKinney | Nov 23, 2018
Maria Barba | Nov 24, 2018

Check-in Check-in time starts at 16:00:00 Check-out Check-out time is 10:00:00

Do you have a gift shop at the park?

Michelle Atkinson | Nov 23, 2018
Thomas Huston | Nov 24, 2018

Yes inside the lodge across the lobby from the restaurant.

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Do the cabins have there own showers

Tim Swiney | Nov 23, 2018
Thomas Huston | Nov 24, 2018

Yes they do

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Do you have campsites available for a 43 foot fifth wheel trailer with full hookups 50 amp

Allen Parker | Nov 23, 2018
Joshua Barkley | Nov 24, 2018

Probably not a problem roads are a bit tight getting in though

How do you go about renting a cabin? I tried to on your website, but only rooms show up as an option. I'm trying to rent one for August 8th-15

Don Cee | Nov 23, 2018
Larry Staley | Nov 24, 2018

Call and contact North Bend directly

Does North Bend still have miniature golf?

Victoria Ashcraft | Nov 23, 2018
Thomas Huston | Nov 24, 2018

Yes not sure if the hours.

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Are you hiring

Charles Nolan | Nov 23, 2018
Anzu Nakadai | Nov 24, 2018

They are taking applications for several spots

When does north bend open the gates so you can get to the shelters?

Don Talbott | Nov 23, 2018
Carol Post | Nov 24, 2018

You should probably call ahead. Some might be reserved when you want. The gates are always open. But the park does gave times when it's closed.

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Are there any isolated cabins

Jolene Anderson | Nov 23, 2018
Joshua Barkley | Nov 24, 2018

Extremely nice cabins!!! The most "isolated" one is #9 but it is in sight of the other eight. The group of cabins is relatively isolated from the rest of the park. This is a great park and there are a lot of outdoor activities. Would definitely recommend a cabin here as they are super nice.

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Do your rooms have microwaves & refrigerators?

Pat Reasinger | Nov 23, 2017
K-BEE Images | Nov 24, 2017

Yes the one we stayed in did.

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How many cabins

Ilene Dufour | Nov 23, 2017
T Andrzejewski | Nov 24, 2017

8 cabins, I think but not sure

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