Henley's Orchard

Category: Orchard

Address: 2192 Holly Hill Farm, Crozet, VA 22932, USA

Phone: +14348237848

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–7PM

Monday: 9AM–5PM

Tuesday: 9AM–5PM

Wednesday: 9AM–5PM

Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Friday: 9AM–5PM

Saturday: 9AM–5PM


Norma Badeaux

Oct 26, 2021

Nice little outlet for families. One horse to give short rides, goats, barn with Disney movie playing, c20 minute hay ride, corn hole game, hot dogs and burgers. The Apple orchard was picked clean on Oct 23rd 2021 because it was so popular …

Bryan Vig

Aug 25, 2021

Great place to stop for some fresh picked fruit, locally raised meat or a bottle or glass of hard cider. Plenty of outdoor seating.


Nov 9, 2021

This orchard had the best apple cider that I've ever had! It had a nice strong apple flavor, flavored well, and not too sweet. The older gentleman that helped me was very nice. I hope to come back out to this orchard next fall!

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Questions & Answers

Do you allow well behaved dogs on leash on your grounds?

Curt Reichstetter | Oct 23, 2021
Marta Cardoza | Oct 24, 2021

No. They have signs up for no dogs.

What is there to do for preschoolers here?

Linda DeGaetani | Oct 23, 2021
Heather Feather | Oct 24, 2021

There is not much going on during the week. On the weekends in October, they have goats and horses, a pastry cafe, and fresh apple cider.

On your sign you also state meats and preserves - tell me more please?

Judith Varney Burch | Aug 24, 2021
Frances Walker | Aug 25, 2021

Their peach preserves are awesome!! Try some on a baguette with brie cheese. Excellent on toast.

How much are their apples?

carol beedie | Nov 22, 2020
Anita Anderson | Nov 23, 2020

10.00 for gallon bucket! Best price in Charlottesville area!

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Can you bring dogs?

Victoria Layton | Nov 22, 2020
Anita Anderson | Nov 23, 2020


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Can u pick ur own apples u want, ones dropd on ground? I mainly want mine 4my 4pigs 2eat & if any is salvageab id lyk 2make a few apple pies. I'll pick em up myself Question is do they cost 2get ones fallen off busted bruise rotton? Is it a price?

Sandy Hedrick | Nov 23, 2018
Elbert Brown | Nov 24, 2018

I have seen apples thrown out from grading process which could used for your request. I would stop by and ask Tim Henley if you may have some of the bruise or Lew grade apples. I will mention to him your request when I see him . Have a bless day Sandy Hedrick🍎🍏

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