Affordable Suites of America Charlottesville

Category: Hotel

Address: 524 Harris Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA

Phone: +14349849020

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Questions & Answers

Do you have a monthly rate??

Lesley Hubbard | Nov 23, 2019
Rachel Gregory | Nov 24, 2019

Do u have a monthly rate and how much

Do you have longtime renting

Lucy Mccauley | Jul 25, 2021
M | Jul 26, 2021

Hey Lucy. Well; not a long time but I have an extensive and proper record for the place's I've lived. It's kinda hard finding places nowadays. Even if you an afford a home and live comfortably; people ask for 3× the amount. May I please ask why; may you ask that question¿

Do you have a weekly rate

Mitchell Magee | Nov 23, 2019
Jennifer Reilly | Nov 24, 2019

They do have a weekly rate and Ashley is amazing.

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