Category: Coffee shop in Vancouver, Washington

Address: 7411 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

Phone: +13608963508

Opening hours

Sunday: 6AM–7PM

Monday: 6AM–7PM

Tuesday: 6AM–7PM

Wednesday: 6AM–7PM

Thursday: 6AM–7PM

Friday: 6AM–7PM

Saturday: 6AM–7PM


Anna Van Winkle

Jul 2, 2022

Worst Starbucks experience we’ve ever had. The baristas were sitting on their phones ignoring customers. Then when we finally ordered they said they were out of coffee and would make an americano instead or they could brew more but it would take 5 minutes. Then they put up a sign saying they were out of coffee. So they had the ability to make more coffee but decided to just put up a sign saying they were out, which doesn’t seem like something a COFFEE shop should do. Anyway, we will not be back and I don’t recommend you go.

Bryan G

Nov 10, 2020

Really fast. Move through the line quick

Albert Naumets

Oct 11, 2020

This location is awfully slow, The last two times they've taken way too long to make my drink compared to other locations. This time while i was waiting the worker decided to do the dishes before starting my drink.

Harold Thornton

Mar 15, 2020

Good coffee and they are always on it!

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Questions & Answers

When will the coffee bar at Fred Meyer Grand Central, Vancouver, WA. open ???

Frederick Turner | Dec 17, 2018
Дино' Johnson | Dec 18, 2018

I don't know, where is Grand Central Vancouver?

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