Veronica's Bakery & Cafe

Category: Bakery

Address: 4116 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305, USA

Phone: +17038381612

Opening hours

Sunday: 4AM–10PM

Monday: 4AM–10PM

Tuesday: 4AM–10PM

Wednesday: 4AM–10PM

Thursday: 4AM–10PM

Friday: 4AM–10PM

Saturday: 4AM–10PM


Chloe Chance

Sep 7, 2021

I went on my break to pick up some food and headed back to work. I noticed immediately that my food had a long brown hair in it. In my plantains …

Rene Orozco

Sep 7, 2021

Food is tasty, but service is poor, I used to order food over phone to save time but it still late, I had to wait almost 40 minutes for 6 pupusas, I understand when it’s busy, but this time was slow, even though the average time for the food be ready is 15 minutes…

Lorenzo Coplin

Sep 7, 2021

This very good place to get any cant the cakes for any events party or many more thing

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Questions & Answers


VICTOR PALOMO | Nov 5, 2020
your soul have fear | Nov 6, 2020

Because they don't call her they let themselves be humiliated


VICTOR PALOMO | Nov 5, 2020
your soul have fear | Nov 6, 2020

None of that they charge more than $ 4 of taxes if you have spent $ 12 onwards very expensive is not recommended

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They do not serve food and it is very expensive I do not recommend them 🤮🤮🤮

Roberto Romos | Nov 5, 2020
Patricia snow | Nov 6, 2020

Very agree with you and lousy customer service 😡

What is the worst thing that happened in this place?

Veronica's Bakery & Cafe (Owner) | Nov 5, 2020
Gonzalo Mejia | Nov 6, 2020

One day I asked if I wanted Salvadoreños or tacos Mexicanos, where do are the tacos? But if not ponem them the same single ingredients is a comment

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20 minutes ago call before publishing this message on Sunday when they go to answer the cell phone answering someone who knows how to attend the public not be innocent

mason leiva | Nov 6, 2019
Manuel Mendoza | Nov 7, 2019

In this place the food is very delicious but it is for people who are not in such a hurry why that if they take some time to give you the service

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