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Address: 501B Foxmead Dr, Waterford, WI 53185, USA

Phone: +12627167072

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 10AM–6PM

Tuesday: 10AM–6PM

Wednesday: 12–6PM

Thursday: 12–6PM

Friday: 12–6PM

Saturday: 12–3PM


David Kwasinski

Jul 6, 2022

I called Eric with Shazam Computers and he came over right away to address my concerns. His price was very fair and I highly recommend him for PC and Network services. Thank you so much Eric!

jaime sixteco

Apr 18, 2022

Great service ,great communication , on time meet up, very friendly and profesional,laptop back running as brand new,Eric takes pride in his work👍🏼👍🏼

Karen Vanderwerff

Mar 12, 2022

Very satisfied with the work performed and the timely manner in which it was done. Great communication with me about the problems with my computer. Would use again.

abbey graves

Mar 5, 2020

If possible, I would have selected all 5 choices from the what I liked section. Eric is exceedingly gifted with all aspects of technology. He is kind and patient, with a stellar work ethic and problem-solving skills. Along with setting up our new computer, we wanted to set up an artist’s tablet. Before he started installing it, he told us that he had limited experience with this product, as it is used primarily by commercial artists. After several attempts, he said he did not want us to waste time and money having him figure it out, and suggested contacting the manufacturer for help with finding professionals for this specific product. I beyond highly recommend Eric 😍 Abbey G

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Questions & Answers

Do you have a need for old computer, computer monitor and keyboard in working condition-just outdated? If not, do you have a suggestion for disposing of them?

Bev Lowery | Aug 4, 2019
Fort DragonSlayer | Aug 5, 2019

Hi Bev, What kind of computer is it? Apple? PC? Desktop I'm guessing? If you don't mind, bring it on by, and I'll look at it. I'm right in the Waterford area. Give me a call at 262-716-7072. Thanks, Eric Shazam! Computers

I'm traveling abroad, can I spend time in your shop going over issues that I am having with my computers?

SHAZAM! COMPUTERS: PC & MAC REPAIR (Owner) | Aug 4, 2019
SHAZAM! COMPUTERS: PC & MAC REPAIR (Owner) | Aug 5, 2019

That depends. If it's to drop off your computer, and come back later, of course! IF you need me to go over something wrong with your computer, laptop, phone or whatever, no. If you need to have me spend time with me, I can do that, and we can meet at your home, your business, or we'll find a place that's convenient for both of us to go over your issues. Unfortunately, my shop/office is also my home, so it's really not the best place to spend time with me on your computer issues. I guess, if it was in the morning, early afternoon, then, maybe so. I'll talk to you more in details to where we can meet when I talk with you.

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