Livin' The Pie Life

Category: Bakery

Address: 2166 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207, USA

Phone: +15714317727

Opening hours

Sunday: 10AM–2PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 10AM–5PM

Thursday: 10AM–5PM

Friday: 10AM–5PM

Saturday: 10AM–5PM

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Questions & Answers

Do you ship your pies?

Sharon Sassano | Jul 19, 2019
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Jul 20, 2019

Hi Sharon, we haven't found a cost-effective way to ship and keep the quality high. We do deliver locally though. Best, Heather

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What are the Covid safety practices like here?

People are asking | Dec 20, 2020
Benjamin Tran | Dec 21, 2020

This business is taking proper precautions. If you're too scared then don't go outside. (It's fine to be scared, just be consistent)

How often is french apple available?

Anthony Draper | Dec 20, 2020
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Dec 21, 2020

It is available sporadically. For instance, we have it today for the last time in 2020. I expect we will have it again next year sometime after we return from our break.

Do you do mince pies for the Christmas season please?

Shanti Krauss | Nov 20, 2020
Heather Sheire | Nov 21, 2020

Yes we do. We make them by special preorder for the couple of days before Christmas.

Are living the pie life quiche fully baked ready to reheat and eat?

Michael Warner | Nov 20, 2020
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Nov 21, 2020


do you have gluten free chocolate cake?

Elaine Ogden | Jul 18, 2020
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Jul 19, 2020

Hi Elaine, Not at this time. We recommend The Happy Tart for Gluten Free cake.

Are you willing to make a lemon meringue pie?

R J | Jul 19, 2019
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Jul 20, 2019

Yes. In fact, it is on the menu today.

Do you have gluten free pies?

Betty Pitera | Jul 19, 2019
Livin' The Pie Life (Owner) | Jul 20, 2019

Yes, by special order. We can make our Mile High Chocolate Pie or our Wendy's Miami Key Lime Pie gluten free by placing the order three full days in advance.

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