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Address: 8305 Ari Ct Suite 1A, Jessup, MD 20794, USA

Phone: +13014985800

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Sunday: 12–4PM

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Oct 25, 2019

Lived here on and off for literally my entire life (nearly 30 years!)--obviously because it's an aging property you get the problems that come with every aging apartment complex, but the staff and maintenance make up for it. Aside from the summer bugs (our building(s) were right by the creek/tree line so it was expected), we never had rodents or other vermin and despite facing the main highway, noise was at a minimum. Everyone on staff over the years have been incredibly friendly, responsible, and efficient despite being a small staff for such a large complex. My father was terminally ill for a long while (parents lived here as well, then I moved into my own place in the complex after 2 years of living elsewhere) and office staff and maintenance were extremely accommodating; when things needed to be taken care of, whether it was related to the apartment or not. For the area, the price is wonderful. Yes, it's pricey in comparison to places very close in Laurel/Burtonsville, but I think it was worth every penny. I've lived in Columbia in a newer complex and it was a nightmare with every possible problem you could think of (vermin! bugs! mold!) for double the rent. Autumn Woods is definitely a perfect complex to choose if you are looking for a place to settle for a few years if you have children (I went to Bollman Bridge, Patuxent Valley, and Hammond High for context), need a nice place to live while looking for a forever home/townhome, or just need somewhere nice to settle if you work in the surrounding DMV areas :)

Kathy Whyte

Apr 3, 2019

If you like bats, this is the place for you! I had bats in my apartment several times in the last two years. The pest control person they sent out told me there was no way they could get in. Uh, well they DID, didn't they? Nothing more was ever done by management. This posed a danger to our child and ultimately was why we left after 4 years. The people across the hall from us also told us they had issues with the bats. To add insult to injury, we did not get our security deposit back AND they are charging us an extra $50 some dollars above that because they had to replace the carpet. Really? You weren't planning on replacing the carpet that I lived on for 4 years before someone else moved in? When I called the office to ask about this I was told that they plan on replacing carpet every 5 years, and we had only lived there for 4. That's just nasty, and frankly I don't buy it. The carpet and padding are so cheap, it was already shot after just months of living on it. But that's alright. Just know that if you're planning on moving in, if the people before you lived there for less than 5 years then you're likely getting their old nasty carpet I guess. We also needed a new oven (all of the appliances were old upon move in) and they would not give us a  new one. Rent was raised every year. We were great tenants for 4 years, never once late on rent and now I pretty much feel like I stayed 3 years longer than I should. At one time, this was a very nice and well run complex. I've actually lived there 3 separate times and I used to recommend it, but no longer do. It's a shame, because the neighborhood is actually nice and quiet.

Tony CJ

Jun 22, 2018

Very affordable location. For the price you get a lot for your money. Staff is friendly, neighbors are usually pretty quiet. If I were to ever return to MD again I would not think twice about living here again.

Ashley Macejka

Jul 2, 2008

We have lived here for a year and a half and have no major complaints. Stuff always seemed to be breaking in our apartment but maintenance has always been quick and efficient in fixing or replacing what was broken. My only main issues while we have been here is with parking. We live in 8340 Linda Court and if you get home anytime after 7pm... you usually have to park very far away. It also irks me that they don't enforce parking rules as people always park in front of the dumpsters making it difficult to get out. Overall a pleasant place to live. Convenient and quiet for the most part. The only reason we are leaving is because we bought a house.

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Questions & Answers

How many baths are in two rooms and a living room apartment?

bridget ejang | Jun 16, 2020
Autumn Woods Apartments (Owner) | Jun 17, 2020

1 and a half bathrooms, here’s a link to see inside

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