Country Custard Cottage

Category: Ice cream shop

Address: 1503 Mars Hill Rd, Sutersville, PA 15083, USA

Phone: +17248727911

Opening hours

Sunday: 1–10PM

Monday: 1–10PM

Tuesday: 1–10PM

Wednesday: 1–10PM

Thursday: 1–10PM

Friday: 1–10PM

Saturday: 1–10PM

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Questions & Answers

when are you openning for the season? Anxiously await getting the custard

peggy del duca | May 30, 2018
Rhonda DeNillo | May 31, 2018

April 7th

Is it still open

Olivia Weber | May 29, 2020
Randy Rothwell | May 30, 2020


When. Do you open for every day?

Kim pollack (Country kp) | May 30, 2019
Christopher Ciarlo | May 31, 2019

Yes, it's 12-8.

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When do you close for the season?

Alee Lappa | May 30, 2019
carl beatty | May 31, 2019

I was just there this past week, they said they will close on Sept. 30.

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